Ronald Tolman

Sculptor, painter, graphic artist

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The Tree House, Picture book
The Tree House, Picture book

A book without words, father and daughter working together towards a work of art. Ronald made the etchings, Marije drew the animals. It resulted in a striking narrative, a story without words, which can be composed time and time again in ever changing elements. It was, has been and still is tremendously successful.

Marije in De Volkskrant

Breughel and Rubens’ Earthly Paradise inspired us for The Tree House. It hangs in Het Mauritshuis, where I often take my two-and-a-half-year-old son, because he is so keen on looking closely at the animals in paintings. Quite naturally the idea arose to position a variety of animals in one particular world. That world was The Tree House.

Bas Maliepaard in Trouw

‘… an engrossing contrast between two styles amalgamating so unexpectedly beautifully in this book. Father and daughter Tolman worked together towards a magnificent poetic book of pictures to look at; you would immediately want to hang them on the wall.


As the oldest debutant in the world of picture books I have been happiest working together with my daughter.