Ronald Tolman

Sculptor, painter, graphic artist

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Ronald Tolman


Sculptor, painter, draftsman, graphic artist and designer of picture books
Amsterdam 1948

Ronald Tolman has lived and worked in Beuningen on the Waal near Nijmegen since 1972 (see biography). His work can be found in public places, government buildings, museums, companies and private collections. His work is frequently shown in exhibitions.

In 2012 Ronald Tolman was awarded a Dutch knighthood, Ridder in de Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw, for his internationally acclaimed work as an artist.
Carol van Eert, mayor of Beuningen, at the award ceremony:

Tolman’s work is about people. The way they act within the framework of society. How they find their way navigating the ambiguities of right and wrong. Especially the individual relating to society. He often sees the individual as wielding power, a ruler, but on the other hand as a personality rising against authority. In his work we see figures, on their own or in groups, trying to find their bearings outside time as it were.

Ronald Tolman de Leeuw, director of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam at the time writes in 'Ronald Tolman, sculpturen en etsen':

Over the years Ronald Tolman has carried out monumental assignments, he has been awarded prizes for his work and for considerable time he has basked in the affection of a persitstant crowd of devotees and collectors who keep close track of the unfoldingof his oeuvre.

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