Ronald Tolman

Sculptor, painter, graphic artist

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Ronald Tolman


Master of the Possibilities, the Paintings of Ronald Tolman (2013)
An exploration of more than thirty paintings.

The Island (2012)
A picture book, Marije Tolman & Ronald Tolman, Lemniscaat< Rotterdam.

The Tree House (2009)
A picture book, Marije Tolman & Ronald Tolman. Lemniscaat, Rotterdam.

Outside art (2009)
Municipality Beuningen.

Portret of a Garden (2008)
Limited edition of a book about the sculpture garden of Her Majesty the Queen. Edited by Prncess Laurentien.

Imagery (2007)
Conversations with artists from the Nijmegen aria, written by Ad Lansink. BnM publishers and 'Taborhuis', Nijmegen.

Surfacing (2005)
Text Koos Tuitjer. Waanders, Zwolle.

Horses and Masks (2002)
Text Wim van der Beek. Veenman, Ede.

Applause (2001)
Text Jan Brands. Van Spijk, Venlo/Antwerp.

Peace please (1999)
Graphic art contribution Ronald Tolman De Vijver, Afferden.

Poetry and Grafic Art (1998)
Two etchings accompanying the poems of Esther Jansma. Art Gallery Clement, Amsterdam.

Mariken (1993)
Three etchings in a casette Art Gallery De Verbeelding. Nijmegen.

Sculptures and Etchings (1993)
Text Wim van der Beek, introduction Ronald de Leeuw. Van Spijk, Venlo/Antwerp.

Masters of yore (1991)
Nine color etchings in a casket. Art Gallery Clement, Amsterdam.

Masters of yore (1991)
Prints and text Ronald Tolman. Art Gallery De Verbeelding, Brummen.

On a Summer's day (1990)
Three etchings accompanying a quotation from ‘ De Uitvreter’ by Nescio. Art Gallery De Verbeelding, Nijmegen.

False Council Houses (1986)
Six etchings accompanying poems by H.H. ter Balkt. Art gallery Clement, Amsterdam.

Circle (1985)
Gasunie Groningen

Unfruitful rituals (1984)
Satire concerning the modern museum director. De Veerpers, Amsterdam.

Artificial Respiration (1984)
Satire concerning the modern museum director. De Veerpers, Amsterdam.

Ronald Tolman (1984)
Text Nico J. Brederoo. Kunstforum, Schelderode, Belgium.

Prometheus (1983)
Portfolio of prints. Text by Hans van der Grinten. Art gallery Clement, Amsterdam.

Prometheus, Sculptures and Pictures (1983)
Text Gerlof Janzen, introduction by Hans van der Grinten. Nijmeegs museum Commanderie of St.Jan.

A tableau from Allemansgading (1976)
Scenes in etchings, text and images, edition 23. Published privately.

Growing (1974)
55 etchings bound in parchment, an edition of 5, published privately.

The book of the Sanguine (1970)
Etched diary notes, an edition of 2. Published privately.