Ronald Tolman

Sculptor, painter, graphic artist

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Ronald Tolman


Ronald Tolman is a highly versatile artist. His art includes sculptures, etchings, paintings, drawings en ceramics. In addition there are the succesful picture books he made with his daughter Marije.

Commissioned Work

Commissioned work

In biography we see that over the years much of Ronald Tolman’s work has been commissioned. Sculpture, small or fifteen meters in height, an etching or sculpture in a large or small edition, a painting on a theme he explored years before. All or any of these ideas are open to discussion and usually they turn out to be quite feasible.

People from all walks of life decide to commission a work once they have discovered the artist Ronald Tolman, be it civil authorities or private individuals, Unilever or a start-up, someone passing by or Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands as she then was, who visited Ronald Tolman’s studio in Beuningen and acquired a large version of The Sun for her sculpture garden. It was a festive occasion for Tolman when it was erected in situ.

Large sculpture finally achieving its context often involves moments of sheer bliss. Some time ago I was asked to make ‘The Sun’ for Queen Beatrix and after it had been installed, a valet appeared from the palace, stepping onto the lawn and presenting to us a salver with two glasses of white wine.

Should you consider buying a work of art, whether or not for a special occasion, feel free to contact us.

Visit the studio

Of course, you would like to see the real thing, after having been drawn by a work displayed on the website. Please feel free to contact us for a studio visit.